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We really want to get your message to our audience of how your product or service can benefit them.


HealthCareSystemReviews.com strives to fill a real need for Imaging Directors, CIOs, Informaticists, PACS Administrators, System Analysts, COOs, CFOs and others in the day-to-day grind of healthcare by:

  • Providing real end-user reviews of products, services, and vendors.
  • A central place for industry interactivity such as problem-solving, equipment buying, selling & trading, and career advancement.
  • Be a tool that visitors will come back to over and over again and request updates of new reviews, equipment listings, etc..


When you sign up as a sponsor you’ll get our 100% effort in helping you get your message to our audience. 


With this in mind, we decided to offer a

Grand Slam package

for those who are serious about reaching these customers

and know the real,

“long-term” value of each one

Our Cornerstone Partners will get ALL of this:

    •  Exclusivity for one product/service for the entire site
    • Social media posts of your offers, interviews, and webinars on our Social Media Sites……

Get the entire list and details!

To get the entire list and the current rate card just send us your contact info below.

We are very flexible and open to creating new or different sponsorship types at vendor’s request, so please tell us what you’re thinking about in the form.

Sponsors are on a first-come-first-serve basis with consideration for Partnership Level.

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