HIPAA? That’s nothing! Check out what Google is capturing on you……

HIPAA… that’s nothing, check out what Google is capturing on you…. every move you make, every call you take, Google’s watching you!


We all know it more or less but want to think it’s not real or won’t matter, but have you ever gone to google.com/dashboard and checked out what Google is keeping track of on you? Every site you visit, your timeline of where you go during the day, even audio of you on your phone. It’s all right there in your dashboard, check it out…..it’ll give you an unpleasant feeling the first time you see it. No doubt you’ll want to change your settings…..

This can be a very useful tool if you have kids with phones, but I’m not real big on Google knowing everything on me. And who’s to say what they’re doing with it.  We know a lot but do we know everything?

Check it out for yourself if you dare      Big Brother has a name….it’s Google!


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